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Absolutely happy with this! Great communication and were to my island under an hour! Will for sure be using them again! 
Jan-22-2021, 17:49:11 PST
I absolutely LOVE this service! They are very quick when it comes to delivering items. I put in a big order and they started coming to my island within the hour. They got everything right and was very quick about it! They are very trustworthy. I was skeptical at first but decided why not, it was only $7 I was spending for that order. But they fulfilled their promise and I am very happy! If you need ANYTHING, I suggest this website! It’s the only one I found that’s cheap yet worth it. Also, love their sales! 
One last thing, my internet went out and I had to get a new dodo code. They immediately emailed me asking for a new code so they could finish delivering my order. I just can’t emphasize how much I love this service! 
Jan-22-2021, 16:29:29 PST
bought them for my kid. it was delivered in just a few minutes and he is so happy, during quarantine a bit of excitement goes a long way. he was so thrilled and the delivery person was so cool he facetimed me while it was happening and we both watched like it was a dr*g deal or something  totally worth it guys 
Jan-22-2021, 14:08:07 PST
100% service, excellent work. Live chat is very helpful and quick response.
Jan-22-2021, 01:03:06 PST
I was a little nervous at first but it was easy and quick!  I will gladly do business again!
Jan-20-2021, 23:30:03 PST
I'm so excited. I'm so happy. I will order more from here. Super trustworthy and great time delivery service.
Jan-20-2021, 17:44:12 PST
Great service ☺️ I have ordered from this website before and highly recommend, very trustworthy. Delivery this time was very fast didnt expect for my order to arrive in less that an hour! Thank you!
Jan-18-2021, 12:03:35 PST
Absolutely wonderful service! I’ve used it twice and they’re very prompt and helpful. Will definitely be using this service much more! 
Jan-14-2021, 17:32:31 PST
Absolutely wonderful. I've ordered twice so far and they have been very quick! Will be ordering again.
Jan-13-2021, 11:40:54 PST
Imari Pickert
All of my items arrived in about an hour and was an easy process. Will definitely use again!
Jan-12-2021, 17:44:32 PST