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Absolutely wonderful service! I’ve used it twice and they’re very prompt and helpful. Will definitely be using this service much more! 
Jan-14-2021, 17:32:31 PST
Absolutely wonderful. I've ordered twice so far and they have been very quick! Will be ordering again.
Jan-13-2021, 11:40:54 PST
Imari Pickert
All of my items arrived in about an hour and was an easy process. Will definitely use again!
Jan-12-2021, 17:44:32 PST
Highly recommended good communication and good prices too 
Jan-10-2021, 10:31:48 PST
super fast and fast communication
Jan-09-2021, 22:14:05 PST
was abit worried at first didnt know how it went but very good communication and im happy with my bells for the price  
Jan-09-2021, 14:39:47 PST
Amazing customer service! Super fast delivery to repeat customers. Glad my friend recommended to me!
Jan-08-2021, 00:28:31 PST
Super fast service took under an hour and really good price! Very happy with my purchase, will be buying from them again. 
Jan-07-2021, 14:41:50 PST
Very good prices. I was abit confused with the dodo code stuff but it all worked out. Would use again.
Jan-05-2021, 18:46:21 PST
I wasn’t sure at first but seeing as you can pay through PayPal I gave it ago! Very impressed with the service and the communication also the prices!! I didn’t realise you have to open your island to everyone! And the amount of times I came offline without realising! But the guys communicated very well with me and got the job done! I also came back and got some more! All done within half an hour. Would definitely recommend!! :) 
Jan-05-2021, 02:38:03 PST