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Extremely fast. I got everything I ordered in under 20 minutes.
Apr-13-2021, 09:04:27 PST
Nevermind, the gold nuggets they gave me was as valuable as the bells I ordered, thank you guys
Apr-08-2021, 04:57:04 PST
service always excellent and receive my items very quickly!
Apr-09-2021, 18:14:38 PST
I actually thought this site was a scam but tried it anyway and yes it takes an absolute age to deliver the items BUT I have received 3/3 orders within 2.5 hours. You need to keep the gates open for the items to come so just know you'll be playing the game for a while. Overall I'm please I got my items THANK YOU
Mar-28-2021, 02:53:19 PST
Moira Webb
I ordered two different sets of things and the first one came so fast! Very quick delivery once actually on the island. And he came in the Mario outfit which was super cute! Definitely recommend. 
Mar-25-2021, 12:17:45 PST
Kelie Kamphefner
Customer service was excellent and received my items very quick!!!
Mar-24-2021, 19:53:14 PST
This is an awesome service and their customer service team is top notch! They were very nice and patient with all my questions. I ordered sooo much at once so it took a little while to get it but my order was complete and I'm very happy. Thank you!
Mar-23-2021, 18:42:43 PST
I have used this website since animal crossing came out and I love it. It’s the only website I buy things from and I come back several times. The delivery is super quick and easy! They are great and wouldn’t recommend anyone else 
Mar-15-2021, 13:13:19 PST

Amazing service! So quick and easy always comes within an hour! Super trustworthy and so affordable! Keep coming back!!!

Thanks for bringing me such cool items!

Mar-15-2021, 04:07:21 PST
The customer service was quick and friendly and helped me get my delivery along. Legit site. And very competitive pricing to other similar sites.
Mar-12-2021, 11:04:11 PST