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DJ Valdez
Best site ever! I was worried when I made my first order but it's the best!
Jan-01-2021, 16:43:24 PST
Absolutely amazing. Got my millions of bells, hundreds of NMT's, 2 sets, and all of my fruits in a timely manner. Even when my internet cut out for a minute, they were on it. I definitely recommend
Dec-30-2020, 22:17:26 PST
I have ordered from here twice and both times I’ve received my order within an hour or so. Service is great! In my last order the delivery person kept using the angry reaction/ emote at me so I’m not sure what that was about but I hope just a joke! Either way I recommend!
Dec-30-2020, 21:52:38 PST
Great service, I was worried because it was my first time buting in this page but everything went well even tho I messed it up. Recommended!
Dec-28-2020, 16:42:53 PST
Always get the right products, fast and sooo cheap! Will always use them from now on :)
Dec-28-2020, 05:50:38 PST
Can't fault them in the slightest! I had pesky issues with my internet across two days but they accommodated me easily and delivered everything. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience :) this will really help me build my world better!
Dec-24-2020, 05:23:26 PST
This is a genuine site! I have order dozens of times and had always had great service! Even when I accidentally restarted and the dodo code didn't work, they did a great job of communicating with me for a new one. :)
Dec-22-2020, 19:04:57 PST
This service is Amazing! It is legit. Fast response time and accurate delivery! Thank you so much, I will be back!
Dec-22-2020, 11:42:34 PST
Service was excellent, very quick and easy to use :) will definitely be using this service again.
Dec-22-2020, 05:10:33 PST
The service was fantastic, extremely fast even though i had a big order! Thank you!
Dec-18-2020, 00:15:13 PST