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Nicole Nicasio
I'm so surprise!
That was so quick and funny (for my first time ordering and playing AC), really thankfull 

Lots of love, you've done an amazing job!
Mar-12-2021, 04:32:16 PST
This is the most legit and honest business I have ever had the pleasure to receive. Tha k you for removing my scepticism and providing a good service
Mar-05-2021, 17:02:26 PST
Fast and easy exchange! I was nervous at first, I won’t lie, but I am truly pleased with how everything turned out! I will definitely be ordering again! Thanks so much! 
Mar-03-2021, 21:26:40 PST
Incredible!! Was really nervous at first, cant wait to buy even more stuff
Feb-28-2021, 08:58:07 PST
Rhonda Thick
Order came super fast! Will definitely be ordering more in the future and would recommend to anyone!
Feb-25-2021, 22:55:25 PST
Outstanding!!!!  I was really nervous, but they were so prompt and wasted no time- super affordable and easy to organise- I highly recommend and will be using again in the future. 
Feb-25-2021, 06:02:23 PST

As always a pleasure, got what I ordered, took 45 minutes for delivery, and the support is also very good

Feb-25-2021, 05:18:38 PST
Ellie Priestley
Really quick and safe to use! live chat and customer service was great and delivery was made within minutes! definitely would use again!
Feb-24-2021, 04:19:15 PST
chantale Robichaud-Grant
was a bit nervous my first time doing this but amazing customer service will  definitely use again when needed. Also recommended to friends that play and sometimes want items sooner then later 
Feb-23-2021, 11:47:16 PST
100% service, excellent work. Live chat is very helpful and quick response.
Feb-23-2021, 00:52:41 PST