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Fantastic. I wasn't sure what to expect but everything was smooth and easy. Great way to fill in missing gaps of items/recipes 
Dec-07-2020, 09:41:13 PST
Super fast and very good response! Never disappoint
Dec-04-2020, 03:06:53 PST
Fantastic team of people and very very patient!  They worked with me through about four dodo codes considering this is my first time doing something like this.  But I received all the stuff I paid for and they had great communication via email the entire time.  Very nice as well.  The people that dropped the stuff off on my island had the same little costume on too it was so cool.  
Dec-02-2020, 13:52:47 PST
Shawna Eckenrode
I absolutely adore the delivery people they brighten my day so much and help to cheer up my island since not a lot of people visit, I like to play around with them and laugh they are so sweet and I will always be doing business here. Very fast, reliable  customer service and I adore all of them!!
Dec-01-2020, 23:32:21 PST
Very quick and good service! They take different trips to the island per thing you order so I was a bit confused at first but everything came quickly! 
Nov-30-2020, 10:09:11 PST
Great customer service, usual delivery within minutes, cheap.
Nov-29-2020, 19:02:23 PST
Didn’t realize how much I ordered. Great service! Thank you
Nov-28-2020, 22:01:15 PST
Thank you soo much for everything. Such a fast delivery and everything was sent! Def going to purchase more things in the future!
Nov-27-2020, 10:57:08 PST
Thank you so much! Fast transaction. Got my bells from them.
Nov-24-2020, 11:29:54 PST
I was super skeptical about using this service but here I am 6 months later and I'm still not disappointed. Even if your Dodo code fails, they still reach out to you via email to make sure you get your things. It may be a bit intimidating ordering online like this but this website has helped me out so much! I'm able to enjoy the game more so now, than I was before. I continue using this website and I will continue to recommend it to everyone I encounter. 
Nov-23-2020, 12:26:20 PST