The team announced a seven-minute message on Twitter yesterday

Yesterday, a total of 32 NFL teams announced their program for the 2020 season, but the Lions in Detroit are a little more creative, announcing them all the time from Animal Crossing Bells Skip: New Edition.

The team announced a seven-minute message on Twitter yesterday, which appeared in the Tom Nuka Daily Bulletin. In the movie, the Lions tell opponents that they will face a variety of fun activities, such as burying animals in the shed to show that they will. Play the Chicago Bears by defeating Green Bay Packages fans throughout the 2020 season by using the wrong network. Blathers don't look at Washington Redskins tickets.

After announcing the 2020 season, the lions moved to the audience, introducing a special lion model that fans can wear at Animal Cross: New Pest, which allows people come to play in their clothes. Other brands have joined the test and you can also download the template.

Animal Crossing: The New World is one of many video games that allow players to connect with their friends while on the move and spread around the world.Fans create life-sized newsletters island (virtual) and public. For example Occasio-Cortez and Elijah Wood of Alexandria Republic focus on sports

The Michigan football team released an 8-minute video from the Global Earth documentary series, conducted in 2020 in a variety of formats. In fact, the other 31 NFL teams will continue to create creative activities.