The second summer update of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is here

The second summer of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons": new horizons and interesting changes are coming. Nintendo said that the second version of the game has the ability to dream of new things and new fireworks displays. At the same time, Nintendo Switch Online will have a cloud storage system, so you won't lose any island.

Nintendo says that players can go to bed at any time. The company said: "When you sleep, you may meet Luna in a strange place," Luna wants to go to another island. You have his help. You can share this island with others in your dreams. This will provide the recipient with a "dream address" where players will be able to share their dreams and use that address to visit the island. Nothing in the dream. The important thing is not to do anything to save, to be satisfied internally.

At the same time, a weekly concert will be held at 7pm in August. In this event, players can buy raffle tickets to win prizes. Or you can get items through buy Animal Crossing Bells.

After all, in most cases, players choose to store backup islands in the cloud in their warehouses. This is how Nintendo describes it:

Members of Nintendo Switch Online can choose a new service to support the island at any time by posting online. If the Nintendo Switch system of Nintendo is lost or damaged, if you are familiar with the island, you can restore the island’s paradise. In case of loss or damage, please call the Nintendo Customer Service Center to obtain the island and use the new Nintendo Switch to write and repair user information. After taking back the island through the newsgroup, you can build an island community.

He added: "New Horizons, which sends users to other systems and stores information, plans to use the "New Horizons" of another system before the end of this year."

Except for the last swim, this is the second summer update. The update will begin on July 30, and the company has also released a fall update for the future.