The most weird and weird items in the "Animal Crossing" update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update guaranteed a storm of new things — and half a month into the delivery, it's unmistakable the update has totally conveyed. Players are occupied with gathering delightful new gyroids, utilizing sparkling greenery and plants, and adding segments and balancing lighting to their insides. There are additionally heaps of new helpful things for excellent island planning, from palace towers for stronghold works to pergolas and gazebos for gardens.

Yet, there are likewise a modest bunch of somewhat more impossible to miss things that players have experienced, and began working into constructs. Here are a portion of Polygon's top choice off in an unexpected direction things that you may find at Nook's Cranny.


This one has been stirring things up since players originally found it. Assuming you've at any point prepared to be a lifeguard, or just taken CPR classes, this sort of life sized model may be recognizable to you. Yet, it likewise looks a great deal like a life size test model, or essentially a substitute for a body — and players have tracked down huge loads of fun ways of utilizing it to reproduce film scenes, and for the most part cause confusion and disorder.


This outsider looking plant is as a matter of fact the scandalous Titan Arum, or amorphophallus titanum — informally known as the carcass blossom, because of the impactful scent these genuine plants discharge on the uncommon events they sprout. In case you're contemplating purchasing this awful kid, you should realize that the odor has been contrasted with that of "decaying meat," as per The Huntington, a California greenhouse, library, and examination focus that has one of the uncommon blossoms. (They named theirs "Stinky".)

The body bloom is perhaps the tallest blossom to exist — that phallic looking spadix can go from six to eight feet tall. It sprouts seldom and just stays open for a day. Yet, if you get it from the Nook Brothers, you can partake in its gigantic smell every year.


Should you, or any of your locals, anticipate a need to go into the difficult balance of cryogenic rest, the Nook siblings are here to give. This dubiously undermining looking case is a little glimpse of heaven for any sci-fi fans — and space-themed assembles have consistently been a center part of New Horizons, with existing things like a UFO or brilliant night things gifted from Celeste. Yet, it's actually bumping to see it sold at Nook's Cranny.


A heap of bones is a disheartening sight, however basically this thing as of now has "frightening" in the name. Are these bones... genuine? Is it true that they are props? On the off chance that the skeleton is genuine, it's particularly vexing to pay it off of the Nook siblings, who sell it nonchalantly on the shop counter close to home products like typewriters and seats.

All things considered, this one is an ideal thing for any individual who is a suffering devotee of Halloween, has a creepy island topic, or is making a paleohistory themed island.


This one may look adorable, and appear to be an absolutely typical expansion — yet I have actually concluded it is reviled. This plant hanging seat gives me major Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone energies, with a knot that looks fit to devour whomever has the disaster to sit down in it. Also, it doesn't look agreeable? All things considered, regardless of whether I for one wouldn't sit in this, it looks incredible close by Animal Crossing Items other new plant things.