The bold will appearance for Animal Crossing Bells

The bold will appearance you are leaving, and again the save awning will be displayed. There is a baby amphitheater figure in the lower appropriate bend at save screen to play Animal Crossing Bells.

It will activate rotating, starting at the top of the circle. Let the amphitheater circle once, again anon columnist the wireless about-face on the ancillary of your 3DS.

You accept to do this with absolute timing, as you can lose the item(s) if you do it too anon or you will not absorb the item(s) if you do it too late. Already the about-face has been pressed, you should get a Resetti screen. Then, you should be aback in your town.

If the annihilate formed correctly, you should still accept the item(s) in your inventory, and the item(s) should aswell still be on the arena in your friend's town.

Repeat this action as abounding times as adapted to alike any items. Note: It is recommended you aboriginal try this ambush with an account you do not affliction to lose until you get it to plan correctly.

I just charge somebody to appear over to my boondocks to set me straight. I accept the activity that a lot of the getting I'm blind on to (like assorted clothes) is just not account keeping, but I feel like maybe, just MAYBE, I ability charge it about in the future to buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells.