The Animal Crossing update changes the DIY rules

The August 2021 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fix 1.11.1, fixed a small bunch of bugs and Animal Crossing Bells errors to assist with working on some personal satisfaction factors. Numerous players might not have seen, however, that there was a more huge change stowed away in the update, affecting the manner in which players can access Animal Crossing's DIY plans.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' DIY plans were a first for the series, permitting players to accumulate directions for making an assortment of helpful things, from apparatuses to furniture. There are more than 600 DIY plans in New Horizons, and more are added with occasional updates from Nintendo (however huge updates to the game have eased back lately, in spite of Nintendo expressing more would be coming this year).

In New Horizons' 1.11.1 fix, a bug fix fixed the request for plans when arranging by time acquired. Other fixes fixed things such that mists would all the more dependably bring forth all through various seasons and adjusted the end ambient sound of "Tanuki Shoten." Not recorded in the fix notes, in any case, was a change to how DIY plans are divided among players.

The New Horizons fix set a limitation on DIY plans: Certain Animal Crossing DIY plans are gotten solely after arriving at specific achievements in the game's story. Beforehand, be that as it may, players could get these things early, either by buying them from an outsider online commercial center or by essentially exchanging them with a companion. This permitted new players admittance to things intended to be locked behind story movement without really finishing the necessary fragments of the game. As of the 1.11.1 update, if players have any of 72 select DIY plans - including achievement plans, plans from the Nook's Cranny DIY packs, occasion plans, and plans that must be gotten by means of hacking - in their pockets prior to visiting or leaving a companion's island, they will track down that the formula essentially vanishes. The full rundown of "unflyable" DIY plans is as per the following, by means of GitHub client berichan.

While this may not totally tackle the issue, as some might in any case figure out how to acquire things ahead of schedule through hacks, it ought to for the most part prevent new Animal Crossing players from finding a workaround to direct movement. The change is significant for any Animal Crossing: New Horizons player hoping to head out to or from another island, however, as it could be baffling to discover a DIY formula has vanished apparently without reason. Nintendo might not have made the change richly understood, however it was possible done with an end goal to urge individuals to partake in the game as it was planned, as opposed to looking for workarounds.