So isn't there really something like the NPC creating Animal Crossing

The Redd veteran arrives at Animal Crossing: New Horizons about a month after the game's release, and while he's only been there for a few weeks, fans are already waiting for more sophisticated items to be purchased. For some players, Redd doesn’t show enough - if he does, it leads to the myth that a scary fox is missing. It’s bad that some people are trying to remodel their islands in vain trying to persuade their ship to make another voyage.

Redd is an "art representative" and will bring a series of statues and paintings to the player's island on his boat. The player can browse every piece of art in detail, but can only buy one - and chances are it’s a counterfeit.

It’s an attractive gaming engine that raises interesting questions about where your products come from and why they’re so cheap. Redd also plays an important role for collectors who want to fill all the wings of a museum ... but where is it?

Speaking to Landfill on Twitter, an Animal Crossing player named Alicia said the fox appeared to him, never again, despite time travel. "Something that can definitely be lost," Alicia added.

Alicia jokes that she starts trying to bribe Redd by showing her face. "I put signs and bells on the beach," he said. "I want, hey, 400k should be enough for you to come and bring mom sugar. Come on."

Kara, another fan who felt abandoned by Reddo, even went so far as to make the fox a shrine to make her feel “valued,” she told Polygone. He saw Redd only once after the first visit; he won more paintings from Redd as gifts from random villagers than Redd himself.

Many players express their frustration and frustration with Reddo’s frequency, which is also a concern on social media where fans joke that the fox may have disappeared. Animal Crossing artist Oscar explains that Redd's absence was especially felt because without him, fans would have been trapped in their museums in an "almost empty art gallery" that emerged from full corridors for them. fish and insects.

So isn't there really something like the NPC creating cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells? Not possible.

The truth is that the Redd events identified by the data deminers are logical. Ninji is a well-known and reliable data receiver from New Horizons; he made the model public on Twitter.