Players are expecting that "Animal Crossing" will be updated in late November

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is about to be released, and all players expect it to be updated in late November.

A few months ago, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" entered the fall, introducing new DIY recipes, beautiful pumpkins and a large Halloween event. The latest update will transition the island from summer to autumn and also bring new guest roles to the village.

We look forward to seeing major changes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the near future, which will bring Winter into the game. With the expansion of summer and autumn, the November update will bring new activities to the island, as well as new handicrafts, the return of guest villagers and toy festival activities, and it is more likely to get Animal Crossing Bells.

Technically, the November update is still part of the Halloween expansion that Nintendo announced in September. Therefore, the winter part of the update will be released separately from the Halloween expansion. In the trailer for the Halloween update, Nintendo stated that players can expect to see the winter expansion sometime in late November. Sorry, Nintendo does not have an exact date for the update, but it is worth noting that "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" players will get a special celebration, so there may be a day before Thanksgiving.

Residents of the northern hemisphere began to notice mushrooms all over the animal crossing: New Horizons Island. Although they were not noticeable at first, the mushrooms will begin to grow on the island this month, and it can be expected that they can be used to make seasonal foods. As soon as the player enters the game, Isabelle will inform them of all the necessary details on how to discover mushrooms and easily obtain them.

In a trailer released in September last year, two special characters were seen in the camera, suggesting that they would soon reach the island. The first is Franklin from Turkey, who has been a staple food during Thanksgiving in past animal crossing games. Franklin will host the upcoming harvest event, which may be in late November, which happens to be Thanksgiving. Franklin hopes that players will get different ingredients from foraging or fishing, and maybe even visit another island. Interestingly, data miners also found clues that cooking will be introduced into the game, so this feature is likely to be released during the harvest festival.

In Franklin, Nintendo called Jingle the reindeer character. Like Franklin, Doraemon also appeared in previous animal crossing games and was assigned to host Toy Day activities. Again, the exact date of the event has not been announced, but based on previous competitions, the date is likely to be held before Christmas on December 24. During the "Toy Day" event, Doraemon will ask players to collect various items in exchange for gifts that players can give to other villagers as Christmas gifts.

Of course, Nintendo is unlikely to introduce new elements during the toy festival, especially if the show is the last one of the year. Due to the wide variety of activities in New Horizons, the new features that Nintendo can introduce are almost endless, and the studio can even use the game’s production system and multiplayer mode to add fun to the game. Nonetheless, the upcoming late November update is definitely a huge update, and may be larger than the events introduced during the summer and Halloween seasons.