Nook Crany seems closed today for all those who come across animals

Nook Crany seems closed today for all those who come across animals.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a game where you play alone or in Animal Crossing Bells small groups, but one fun thing is the feeling of the community around it. This part is caused by the use of real-time clocks. For better or for worse, we all play Bunny Day together and experience our first fishing competition at the same time and we will soon discover Nature Deco. It is an activity booked in advance on a special day. But it seems like a lot of people have the same experience, even if they're not tied to a special day. Nook's Crany is temporarily closed due to the upgrade.

Like the other elements of the new Horizon, the exact upgrade specifications are not well defined in the game. As with creating a talented sister store, this will likely only happen if you focus on your work and you crosscheck the experience of guides and other players. It turned out to be a much longer project than the previous game and has lasted more than a month since the game was released, so many players need serious upgrades. Check this the first time you open the Nook crany the first time.

He threw a wrench somewhere in the nose market. As part of the upgrade, Nook's Cranny is not valid for one day. Essentially, this gives us a valuable double chance to see if the price of the nose will go up. As long as you have at least / max, you can still go to anyone's island, especially if it still has a good price and their stores are open. This is not the end of the world. At least a lot of people are switching to Nook's Cranny this week, which means people will miss the opportunity to share with their growing friends. Therefore, you may be more aware of some new sites such as Websites where you can find unknown islands where you can sell agents at a higher price.

In the meantime, players wonder what the reduced price is and simply play with their thumb. The improved niches have many items to choose from, so the pain will last longer in the short term. But what if today is a fireplace? I was distracted because I had to make sure that the village on my island and my wife were born when I left earlier this week because the store closed. I like gift wrapping and the wrapping paper is fresh. But more importantly, I had to collect possible gifts because I was a neighbor and a poor friend who bought last minute gifts. Sorry there is stu but he has shoes that don't look boring at all

When I stopped playing it became a memory because I played it late at night. It is not necessary to buy shells, etc. and we collect many items on the Nook Cranny page for sale the next day. During the Nook Crany upgrade, I couldn't use Dropbox overnight, but still got 80 1,800 cents (hopefully Nintendo plans to launch a new product so that the shop opens after a while). The big ones revolve around fishmongers and insect stores. Not used, I have to repay the loan (such as renovating my house again) that takes place for a day I fought to urge everyone to be as quick as possible, so I did not try to m 'impatient. But today it reminds me that the Nuke family dominates everything.