"New Horizons Animal Crossing" collects clothes for a fashion show

One of Animal Crossing's favorite pastimes: New Horizons collect clothes and dress up villagers. Creative players meet the needs that Able Sisters cannot provide by hosting fashion shows, buying new clothing and buy Animal Crossing Bells, and taking over the New Horizons fashion world.

Animal Crossing players like to share content with creator code. Of course, they do the same thing in fashion is part of the booming New Horizon enthusiasts. New Horizon's social network style encourages fashionistas to easily share dress and fashion photos with followers.

When the game starts, the fashion show becomes a popular event held on someone’s island. These have disappeared. Now, most players like to do small activities with friends. An effective influencer network spreads across the fanatics and sets trends. The success of New Horizons has increased the risk of larger companies in this field.

Designer Riley said: "Animals crossing the fashion industry will be very fierce." "Competition is not a personal competition, but a competition between each other. Just staring at your stuff. There are many signal-to-noise ratios."

Some designers will adjust this theme to suit the work of large, real-world fashion companies. Shiv is a player who talked to Polygon via email after launching the new series.

Shiv is dedicated to art. She is a wedding and portrait photographer. She was surprised when she received the saree from the villagers of New Horizons. She spent a whole day using New Horizons' pixel art customization to recreate her wedding lehenga.

Shiv said: "I tried my best to create something that reflects the colors, textures and patterns of Indian textiles. Rangeela is her first collection-the name is a Hindi word meaning "colorful"-it allows her to Create the wardrobe of your dreams.

The pandemic and blockade entered new horizons. Christine crossed new boundaries and started with simple 2D drawing. After the tiles from the sign to the floor were completed, friends encouraged her to try on clothes. She has blown twice on Reddit since then with her butterfly collection. Animal Crossing: New Horizons-a character wearing a headdress and a custom butterfly skirt stands in the middle of the stone road under the tree.

Now, in real life, Christine has expanded the network and traveled to her island to share inspiration and designs with other fans. He told Polygon on Reddit DM: “I do talk to other creators who publish island designs and fashion designs. Sometimes I go to Man Island to take pictures, and sometimes we just talk about design inspiration.” The platform filled her with animals running wild. Passion not found outside. Animal Crossing-Players wearing custom butterfly skirts stand next to the inspiration on the stone square.

However, New Horizons as a fashion platform has some problems that may disrupt fan activities. Riley said: "There needs to be more custom design slots." Now, I have been deleting the things I like and forget the creators. So I can make room for new things or my own designs. It sucks."

Shiv believes that Nintendo can create other tools for designers to help creators design. "I like to use a stylus to draw designs. It will help to deal with complex patterns or shadows. I also hope that there are tools like the Animal Crossing Pattern Tool, which allows us to use photos taken or online photos to create Clothing.” Ultimately, the fashion aspect of New Horizons is still a closely connected community.

Riley said: "I love all artists and I am glad I can get what I want." "Currently I don't even play Animal Crossing. This is just a reason to hang out and do things with people I love."