New Horizons adds winter solstice and summer solstice items to Nook Shop

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is right now offering players in both the Northern and Southern halves of the globe new occasional things.

In the Northern Hemisphere, players are presently ready to get four new things themed around the Winter Solstice until December 22, 2021. Situated in the occasional tab of Nook Shopping, players can get a midwinter sweater for 1,200 ringers, the aurora divider for 7,000 chimes, a bath with yuzu (a conventional Japanese shower loaded up with lemons) for 3,200 chimes, and a bowl of Tangyuan (a Chinese treat comprised of tacky rice balls and warm syrup) for 1,000 chimes.

In the event that your island is situated in the Southern Hemisphere, it's the ideal opportunity for the Summer Solstice thus you can get a maypole for 2,400 chimes and a couple of sunflower shades for 1,200 ringers. Assuming you passed up the sunflower crown and sunflower carpet from the earlier year, you can likewise get them from Nook Shopping from December 15 - December 22 as well.

With half a month left of the year, this moment's the opportunity to begin gathering toy things from Nook's Cranny in anticipation of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toy Day on December 24. During the occasion, players will experience Jingle the reindeer NPC who will task players with hand conveying gifts to your townspeople in return for selective occasional things. You will likewise begin seeing sparkly Ornaments and occasional DIY plans springing up all around your island.

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