New Horizons 2021 update-everything we know so far

The 1.11.0 update is scarcely a month old, however Animal Crossing players are as of now anticipating the following update. The new one was minimal in excess of an occasional update and a long ways from what many were requesting. There was no Brewster (essentially not authoritatively yet), no personal satisfaction or ongoing interaction refreshes, so it was a bit baffling for some.

Furthermore, in the very declaration that the 1.11.0 update was coming, Animal Crossing players were guaranteed one more update before the year's over, which is drawing nearer. Since they've set the cutoff time, players are pondering: when precisely will the following refresh be?

When will Animal Crossing get another update?

There's a few significant realities to note about the date of this next update. In the first place, it was guaranteed before the year's over. Second, the 1.11.0 update has content planned through the Halloween season, which closes when the schedule goes to November. That gives Nintendo a two-month window to hit their deliberate cutoff time, so players could anticipate it then, at that point.

It's conceivable that the authority declaration in regards to the following update will come in the late long stretches of September or early October. This allows them a month of the substance from the last update before the game endeavors into an obscure, impromptu area.

It's improbable that anything enormous gets added before Halloween in Animal Crossing. From that point forward, the information mined provisions could show up, or the following update could be planned (which might possibly have those elements). Notwithstanding, it appears there is a two-month window wherein the following update will come.

Players are holding out trust that this one will be the one they've been hanging tight for. The truth will surface eventually in case that is the situation. All things considered, with only four months left in the year, the sit tight for Animal Crossing Bells the following update will be genuinely short.