KFC Philippines has its own island in Crossing Animals

If you like fried chicken characters or join Colonel Sanders, then KFC (formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) will be able to create real fast food in Nintendo games. She is.

On Wednesday, KFC Philippines has its own island in Animals Crossing": New Horizons". Toys can visit red and white baskets and seats, cashiers, menus, snacks and KFC restaurants.

In addition to beautiful flowers, trees, vegetation and waterfalls, KFC also has several hiking trails. However, for safety reasons, the island’s behavior is not like a secret, even for your hen.

By obtaining Colonel Sanders’ position on the island, players have a chance to win off-road toys. Players must wait for the invitation link to appear on their KFC Philippines social media account before displaying it.

Colonel Sanders only attacked and appeared at certain times of the day. However, if the player finds himself, the kernel will also provide players with a special code to verify the KFC Philippines Twitter account.

Unfortunately, players can only find free chicken in the KFC restaurant in the Philippines, but we hope this well-known company will open the game in other areas of KFC as soon as possible.

Join KFC at the crossroads. cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells will begin on June 17 and end on June 22.