Joe Biden launched a new virtual field office in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Currently, on the eve of the presidential election in the United States, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has officially launched a new campaign and a new virtual field office for voters to visit "Animal Crossing: New Horizons."

"We will continue to reach all parts of the country, regardless of their voters-including Animal Crossing," Christian Tom, director of digital cooperation for the Biden-Harris campaign, told Verge in a statement. "We will launch Biden's headquarters on the entire island on the platform, where supporters can further contact the campaign."

Biden calls his animal crossing the island "Biden's headquarters" and has been carefully designed. When you arrive at Island Plaza, you will know that you have arrived at the right place because the flag of the city hall is engraved with the "Team Joe" sign. The result of the vote was on the island at the street and intersection. The entire island is like a Biden-themed virtual amusement park, equipped with ice cream stands, model trains and exclusive in-game merchandise.

Stressed employees can hang out in the AC: NH Biden-Harris field office. There are two main areas on the island. The first is the "house" of Biden's campaign, but instead of rebuilding Biden's house in Wilmington, Delaware, they turned it into a "field office" after introducing taxes. After entering the office, the appearance of the office is exactly the same as you imagined weeks before the election: coffee cups with laptops and flyer boxes on the table. One of the rooms is decorated as a merchandise store, and the other room is called "Joe's Train Town", which displays dozens of model trains, representing Biden's favorite means of transportation. The upper floor is divided into two offices, one is Biden's office, and the other is the office of Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. There are posters of young Biden, and even the logo of Howard University, Harris Alma Mater.

Tom said: "There are creams, trains, pilots, chucks, swag, and more braids and Animal Crossing Bells all over the island." But I told Barge that there are some features that encourage players to organize and mobilize.

The second constituency was arranged to look like a voting place, and it was strategically placed outside. When you walked into the area, a large advertisement appeared on the Democratic National Committee’s "I Will Vote" website, which provides voting information to people who visit the site online. This area also provides an "election day" checklist, instructing players to decide whether to vote by mail or in person.

Everything on the island is the same. Players can take photos in a few decorated areas. Joe Biden himself even walked through the island, so due to the social evacuation order, the opportunity to take photos of the rope is suspended, so players can take virtual selfies with him. Talk to Biden and he will say: "No Malachy!"

This is not the first time that the Biden-Harris campaign has been conducted in conjunction with the campaign of Animal Crossing. In September, the movement launched the official Biden Harris yard logo in the game. You will see these designs on the Biden headquarters island in front of each villager's house.