I invited strangers to participate in animal crossing: New Horizon Island

For the first time, I invited strangers to participate in animal crossing: New Horizon Island. On New Horizon Island, I created a large abandoned place to keep foreigners on my farm. I heard horror stories about familiar flowers and islands, so I walked from the airport to Nook Cranny’s path, considering my Nuki Crane was far away from the airport.

I was fired in Stalk Market, but mainly because of my mistake. Everyone can see that the damage caused by Internet strangers to my digital island may be small, but I spent a lot of time in this area. Publicly posting the Dodo code on Twitter is not very risky. I made a lot of calls that day, but it did have risks.

Since then, I have withdrawn the conversation from the tribal market. I am grateful for this, because for the traders who spread, it seems that new threats have emerged. The sea boat provides swimming opportunities for the new summer vacation. In this theory, it works like this. Players fly to an island to sell their bags. Some merchants pay for entering the island. Players who want to avoid it can jump on a path, swim to the entrance of another island, sell the cup without paying, and then leave the island. Evil makers can only cut flowers and shake trees where the island owner does not intend to travel with strangers. Compared with other objects lying on the floor, it can support different player prompts. Everything that lives on earth is in danger.

In fact, it makes the existing fence on the island useless because it is not actually the entire beach area. Last weekend, a Reddit user posted a cruel post about the dangers of Animal Crossing Bells. I have never seen so many people on social media actually cheating, but some Reddit users say that pirates happened to them. Some people are not talking about the risk of destroying the island, but about reducing trust.

Inviting foreigners to your island may be just a small attempt, but you can also do less for the people. The danger of piracy is real.