How to get Boba Tea in Animal Transit: New Vision

With the new 1.11.0 update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo reestablished fans' confidence in them. Albeit not an immense update, the designers did barely enough to keep the local area drew in with new occasions and restricted time things in the title.

Perhaps the most exceptionally anticipated occasions in this update is the Fireworks Festival, which started toward the beginning of August. It has one of its critical components in Redd's Raffle, where players can get many invigorating prizes and things.

Boba Tea is one of the numerous new things that Nintendo has presented in Animal Crossing with this new update, and here's the way fans can get it.

Gamers needed highlights like in-game food in Animal Crossing for some time, however this, as well, failed to attract anyone's attention, in the same way as other different requests. Nonetheless, Nintendo has now presented food things for players, like Bubble Tea, cotton sweets, and frozen treats.

Players can get these things from Redd during the Fireworks Festival. Redd will set up a slow down called Redd's Raffle outside Resident Services during the celebration.

They can enter this slow down utilizing Raffle Tickets, which clients need to purchase for 500 Bells.

Inside Redd's Raffle, gamers can get 12 unique things, comprising of five kinds of air pocket tea, four sorts of cotton treats, and three kinds of popsicles. Accordingly, they can get Boba Tea in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by participating in the Fireworks Festival during the ends of the week.

While food things going to the game has energized numerous Animal Crossing players, hypothesis inside the local area proposes that it very well may be something beyond the straightforward expansion of restricted time things. Possibly it very well may be an allude to something a lot greater.

Things, for example, Boba Milk Tea and espresso straightforwardly point towards The Roost, demonstrating the appearance of the profoundly requested Brewster. This likewise impeccably lines up with the data players have gotten from information mines.

In any case, this load of subtleties are simply theory, and the appearance of exceptionally requested things inside the game will without a doubt highlight better things to come in the coming days. Inside the 1.11.0 update itself, gamers have occasions like the Obon, Chuseok, and Animal Crossing Bells Moon Viewing Day to celebrate and appreciate with the residents on their Animal Crossing island.