Guide to Happy Celebrations in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"

This is the dancing moment in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festival". There is a festival on your island on February 15th. After the long cold winter, the brightly colored Pave arrived, which added to the fun of the square. You need to understand how to find Festivale’s feathers, wear colorful Festivale costumes, and look for where to find Festivale’s items and dance reactions.

You can't miss the Pave on the square, there are confetti in the air, people in your village will dance happily, and you just need to find them. So if you also want to be fascinated by the "festival rhythm", then this is the complete guide to joyous celebrations.

We hope that Animal Crossing before a new day: New Horizons Feathers will pile up, but Pave has been saving supplies until February 15th. For all confetti, the feathers come in five different colors blue, green, red, purple and super rare rainbow feathers. You will find them floating in the air like cherry blossom leaves or snowflakes. In this way, you must catch the net to catch them. Fortunately, unlike snowflakes, Festivale’s feathers still exist after missing a swing, so you don’t have to worry about lining them up at the beginning, and running doesn’t seem to bother them.

The contest will provide you with a random holiday gift of three feathers of the same color. Okay, to him, but he said his hips "feel" them, so do whatever you want. Animal Crossing Festivale products have five different color variations, and you need a rainbow-colored feather to customize it on the production table.

The good news is that Pave provides you with some DIY rainbow feathers right away, so you can fake one instead of finding one. As you would expect, all you have to do is feathers of each color. Then, you can choose whether to customize the item or bring the precious rainbow feathers to Pave in exchange for a random rainbow item.

In addition, if you cannot find a specific feather, please talk to the villagers. The colors of their Festivale gear are not just random. If they are wearing green costumes, it means you can give them green feathers in exchange for other things, so if you need to make a set for another rainbow feather, please start chatting with the villagers.

Since the beginning of February, we have collected 9 kinds of animal crossing festival items every day and displayed them in the Nooks store every day. We are very proud. Each color has five different colors, no need to use the usual kit to customize the color, but must use rainbow feathers. Fortunately, now you don't have to spend money. You can hand over the feathers to the paving.

For every three feathers you set for Pave, he will give you the corresponding items of the same color. Therefore, if you give him three purple feathers, you will get random purple items, such as drums or lamps. However, if you hand over a rainbow feather, he will exchange it for a random rainbow-colored item.

But, of course, this is Animal Crossing, and there will always be special items that can only be bought one day. If you bring him three rainbow feathers at the same time, then the Animal Crossing Festival float is a gift from Puff.

Don't be insulted, but Puff really doesn't like your clothes. He will ask you to put your usual winter comfort clothing in a boring drawer, and then hug the Festivale. Thankfully, your entire island is dedicated to Festivale, including Able Sisters. Since the beginning of this month, the dazzling sequined Festivale vest skirt, Festivale accessories and Festivale clothing have actually been rotated in the Able Sisters store, but don’t worry if you miss them because they are all available today. They will use bright orange, green, blue and pink to make sure you stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, Pave will approve.

If you haven't participated in the February competition, but just to celebrate the Festivale, please don't forget to increase your Festival reaction to make sure you are impressed with Pave's dance steps. You will find the "Animal Crossing New Horizons" festival performance in the Nooks cabinet, and time is limited until the end of February 15. For 19,800 Animal Crossing Bells, you will get four different festive festive reactions to allow you to move on to pave the way and your villagers.