From July 3, you can swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The sea around the coast made us happy for a few months. Yes. We can catch fish and collect robots. Bombs can take you to the beach, but animals cross: New Horizons is perfect for a hot holiday, and if you don’t know how to swim, you will be injured. This game may be July. This means that more soup and fish will be caught, but you will have to wait a few more days in July.Or you can buy Animal Crossing Bells.

After downloading, you can swim at Animal Crossing: New Horizons from July 3rd. I don't know when it will come.

When you arrive, you can swim and look for cranes and other animals, donate them to flaps and fill the aquarium. If you are looking for a scorpion, please choose Pascal as one of the most popular items, we will provide you with a DIY photo of this new emerald set.

Nintendo explained in detail how it worked when the new diver arrived. In summer, you should drink water to welcome you, but in summer, you can use water other than lemon juice. There are also snorkels. It seems that you have received the email, but it seems not worth it. The Gold Coast will dress like a pirate and hope we can find plastic furniture.

There may be some changes on July 1st, so I know whether these revenues are generated. Personally, I want to improve Redd's repeatability. I only watched it three times after playing the game. This means that your partner must leave everything to team activities.