Four elements have been added to the Animal Crossing New Year event

Nintendo announced the New Year’s Eve event and sent a tweet to the game’s official Twitter account regarding the availability of the popular Animal Crossing New Year event. Isabel wrote to the company: "If you are looking for an interesting way to ring in the new year, I heard that Nook Shopping is to provide a variety of neat items around players should "get these orders as soon as possible."

Four elements have been added to the store’s inventory. After registering, you can purchase four items at Nook Shopping: sparkling wine, twelve grape-flavored dishes, Berliner and New Year noodles. You buy Berliner from 1200 Animal Crossing Bells and 12 raisin vegetables. On the other hand, sparkling cider and New Year noodles will cost 1,000 bells and 1,300 bells, respectively.

Other seasonal game content can be provided. When walking around, the player may notice that it is snowing. Collect them with the perfectly constructed Snow Boy and let the player make frozen furniture. In addition, the pine trees decorated with holiday lights also contain some special items that can be harvested by shaking the tree. These items are used to make decorative wreaths and other decorations.

For players who are recently interested in seeing the player's Animal Crossing: New Horizons Personal Island as part of the new project "Animal Crossing Diary" at the National Video Game Museum, the new furniture and decorations may be useful.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is now available for Nintendo Switch. This adds a major update to the Festivale holiday game, which is expected to be released in January 2021 to keep up with the spirit of the season, Nintendo’s official store in Tokyo, and Japan recently added a list of winter-themed items.