Did you know that you can lift weights in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, which came out on the fifth of November, added a huge load of new stuff to the game. We've effectively covered a ton of it, from gyroids to cooking, yet one of the cool new highlights is the capacity to participate in a portion of the exercises your locals do, such as tidying, perusing, and conveying drinks.

The vast majority of these new things can be acquired either through Redd's pool on Harv's Island, or purchased from Nook's Cranny. However, did you are familiar the small free weight you can get, as well?

The free weight is shipped off you through the mail in the wake of partaking in the gathering extends multiple times — which implies that individuals who've been doing them pretty much consistently since the update will have their free weight at this point.

It comes in six tones: dark, white, red, yellow, gold, and silver, yet the shadings must be gotten to through Cyrus for 1,000 Bells. At the point when you "use" the thing by squeezing A, your person will lift the hand weight here and there. Isn't so charming?!

In any case, that is not all — there are really 11 compensations for extending, including seven responses. So on the off chance that you're not previously doing the stretches... get to Animal Crossing Bells it!