Crossing Animals: New Horizons - What Are the Seeds of Pitfall?

Pitfall seeds have been cut off from the Animal Crossing series for years. They don’t serve an important purpose, but they have fun spending time. A unique element that brings a victorious return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons - here’s everything you need to know about falling seeds.

Where to find Pitfall seeds at new frontiers

Unlike many previous entries, do not spawn on seeds that occasionally fall off seeds such as fossils. Finding fallen seeds was common in previous Animal Crossing games, but in New Horizons, things worked a little differently. Instead of tripping into an annoying trap, players have to make themselves. DIY recipe for chutes seeds - unfortunately - an occasional drop. This means that you have to look for message bottles on the beaches every day or that the villager hopes to bless you in a secret form. Once you’ve found the recipe, you need four groups of herbs and six tree branches to make the seed.

What can I do with Pitfall seeds?

To our knowledge, there does not appear to be a significant use of blocked seeds in New Horizons. However, it’s great to surprise your friends and annoy them endlessly. When buried in the ground, falling seeds create a trap that causes the player walking in them to fall into the hole. Players must move the controller manually to exit.

Most people take advantage of this feature by placing explosive traps on other players on the islands, either by placing dozens of them directly outside their homes or by hiding them in hard-to-see places. Then it’s only a matter of time until a bad lollipop falls victim to your ingenious trap.

And that's all. While falling seeds may not be common in nature, once you find a recipe you can work by placing hundreds of them around the island. Just make sure you remember where you bury them, and less than fall victim to the seeds of a dilemma! ACbells offers more Animal Crossing Items with reasonable price.