Animals Crossing ranked first in Nintendo’s best-selling store for months

The movie "Crossing Animals: New Horizons" is surprising. In the ranking of Nintendo’s best-selling stores, it has been maintained for several months after its release. "Minecraft" runs very fast, I think Clubhouse Games may temporarily occupy the first place, but if it does, I will miss it. This new game is at the top of the list.

As expected, the game is Paper Mario: Origami King, currently available in the paper Mario series. In this amazing game, interesting primitive enemies and very small scenes. My favorite is the amusement park in the Japanese castle, where the staff will play in their free time at night. Unfortunately, the entire system is based on an aggressive attack system, which becomes an obstacle many hours after the game starts, making it difficult for people to enjoy all the good things in the game.

However, there is a particularly well-known plumber in the title of this Nintendo game, and at least for the time being, there is no way to not rank first.

I hope Animal Crossing Bells will regain attention this week: after steady, widespread and rapid growth, COVID-19 has proven difficult. It does not make his success and work stand out, so it is essential to national service, but his participation is not limited to the plague. For the sake of reliability, he fled to this island, which is much quieter than the plague that strangled the entire world. Yes, this is a temporary culture, but it happens alone.

I wonder if Paper Mario has been sitting there for a long time. This game is great, but so far, no other game has the same features as Luigi's Mansion 3. We will get a new name in the fall, but so far, we are still waiting for Nintendo to tell us what happened.