Animal Crossing: You can celebrate the new summer in many ways

Animal Crossing: You can celebrate the new summer in many ways: collect special shells and use new equipment to dive into the sea. Whether you have been building a beautiful pool or a smart pool, New Horizons players are always looking for new ways to entertain.

There is already a swimming pool on the horizon, but there are also some swimming pools, such as a children’s pool or hot tub. In addition, the player also discovered a new way to create a public swimming pool for a large underground swimming pool using underground bricks and other objects. The boiler is made of water (with a smooth pool), similar to floor tiles. Usually, players will use complex patterns to create bottle-shaped water shapes, shadows around the pool, and waves on the beach.

Some players use Buy Animal Crossing Bells to create hot spots everywhere. Balls, slides and submarines have been added to this size. But the most important aspect is how the locals interact with objects in the lake (e.g. flying within the inner mile).

Some players in the game use multiple natural methods to create different frames to enter the swimming pool with water. If installed correctly, you can use the unlimited pool.