Animal Crossing: Wild World introduces the concept of villager portraits

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has attracted new gamers through the summer and has been updated, but from day one, it is easy to miss a feature. The veterans of the series know very well that the real endgame behind their lovely neighbor is a rare selfie opportunity.

New Horizons is known for its huge lineup and unused player base, so it is not surprising that it has a rare and useless treasure trove. Animal Crossing initially launched a game called "Nook's Portrait" featuring furniture, while Animal Crossing: Wild World introduced the concept of villager portraits. From then on, after players successfully established an alliance with their friends, they will be able to obtain framed portraits of all local residents and residents.

As mentioned above, players can find framed portraits in any village in AC: New Horizons. All of these portraits are similar to the posters provided by Nook Shopping, but they are framed and provide interesting/quotes when interacting with them. When placed on the workbench, you can customize the frame in the photo. Inviting locals to Harv's Island can easily unlock the posters of the islanders in the Nook Shopping catalog, but framed photos require more effort.

In order to obtain framed photos of islanders, players must first establish relationships with locals. Given AC: New Horizons does not provide a direct guide for measuring the level of friendship with villagers, which involves a certain degree of guesswork and luck, but it is still a fairly simple process.

For example, when players give them gifts (getting literally reward points by wrapping gifts) or help them complete tasks or catch fleas, the level of friendship between islands will increase. In this case, players will want to spend time with Islanders build relationships. Until that particular islander allows the player to change the greeting. It marks the fifth level of AC's six friendship levels: New Horizons, which means players can receive their own photos as gifts.

When players reach the appropriate level of friendship with their favorite islands, they should only focus on giving them gifts as generous as possible. The photos of the villagers will be given to players by the islanders as gifts. Although it is impossible to force islanders to give gifts to their photos, there are ways to eliminate unwanted gifts from the reward pool.

The generally accepted method of "cultivating" islander photos is to maximize profits by offering valuables to the locals, but keeping a complete inventory list and forcing them to send them via email. To do this, just perform the following steps: bring a bunch of non-local fruit when your pocket is full/ approach a villager and give them fruit.

Fruits are considered valuable and rich gifts enough to trigger rewards from the islanders, but since the players' gifts are still full even after distribution, the islands must be forced to send these gifts. This is especially important because these islands cannot send money by mail, which means it completely eliminates the ability to receive Animal Crossing Bells as gifts, thereby increasing the player's chances of getting framed photos.