Animal Crossing: Summer seaside activities in Pocket Camp have begun

Welcome to the August campground! In the summer, the seaside activity in the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game was carried out. There are many interesting things inside, you can collect Animal Crossing Bells and get the best rewards.

Holiday with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: Now this is a seasonal camping activity in the city. View the full schedule of events for this game. I hope you enjoy your day in the sun and have fun!

In August was allowed to earn some exquisite bamboo products and other things, including bamboo noodle slides. Participate in Animal Crossing: certain activities in the pocket camp, such as collecting stardust fans. You can also find a bathtub watermelon and a bamboo boat lantern.

Good family room: look at this Japanese garden in the bamboo forest!

Show us how to properly prepare the most powerful Japanese garden! Use the collected bamboo as the "theme" for the next room. Lottie and friends will rate your design. If you pass this process, you will receive a HH material and furniture puzzle HH medal. Get enough medals and your HH level will improve!

To find the answer to this season's "fish competition", find a special fish in "Lost Bait Creek". Try to keep an eye out for a white fish-if you see a fish, try to catch it! If you find tuna. When you reach your goal, you will receive many gifts, such as goldfish aquarium, goldfish screen, goldfish paper lanterns and more!

SOU ・ SOU Yukata series is here! Kyoto textile brand SOU ・ Kyo-Yukata of SOU was recently added as an item to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. As long as you find SOU·SOU Yutaka Collection on the official website, you can design and sell it! You can compare it to your campsite character. In addition, SOU ・ SOU Interior Collection is now available. We hope you like these cute items!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free game that combines beautiful elements to help you explore nature, make friends and help you create the space you need.