Animal Crossing's last Bug Off this year was held on September 26.

Animal Crossing: New Vision is another mistake. On September 26 (Saturday), players in the northern hemisphere will return to participate in bug catching activities. This is important because it marks the last bug off in the northern hemisphere this year.

As before, Bug Off is between 9 am and 6 pm. Hosted by Flick, he will be stationed in the square of your city throughout the day. If you find a bug, you will get points that can be exchanged for bug-themed items and furniture, and when you reach a certain milestone, you will get a bug trophy. Maybe there will be additional Animal Crossing Bells.

Bug Off is the summer event of Animal Crossing, so next time it will reappear in the northern hemisphere islands in June 2021. The first Bug Off in the Southern Hemisphere Islands will be held on November 21, and it will return every third Saturday in December, January and February.

The "Bug Off" program for the northern hemisphere players may come to an end this year, but autumn is only the beginning. Now, two new seasonal handicrafts have appeared on the tree-pine cones and acorns-which can be used to make autumn DIY recipes. There is still a little time left before September’s seasonal products, grape harvest backpack and moon blanket.

The upcoming Fall Update of Animal Crossing will also be available soon. Nintendo has not announced a specific time, but the company has previously mocked the launch of Halloween pumpkin head Tsar Jack. We don’t know when the fall update will be released, but this hasn’t stopped some players from preparing for Halloween.