Animal crossing provides another way for people to celebrate

With the full development of Pride Month, but due to the outbreak of the virus, many IRL parades and events have been cancelled, and LGBTQ+ celebrations have been greatly replaced.

This approach has been adopted by various organizations and brands, and global pride is now raising the banner of equality and respect in the popular multinational environment of the Nintendo Switch platform.

The project includes the traditional Pride Island (created by "sliding backwards"), rainbow-colored "animal crossing", a walkway, a walkway and a pedestrian zone. Twitch developers (including Schwlwty, Andrewarcade, Zoetvodots and LoveBibles) will launch Twitch on March 27th for live broadcast meetings and special events.

Andrew Baker, the company's president, said: "We all know that this year's pride parade is the same, and the international community is still at different levels of the board of directors." They organized other societies and groups. "So if we are socialists, Singaporeans will think of us, using the popular LGBTQ + community platform to create a unique space where people can safely gather together to express their thoughts, celebrate, jump. We take the opportunity."

"With the cancellation of World Pride Festival, we hope to provide a way for people to celebrate, no matter where they are," said Arnaud Robin Muse, creative director of We Is Social. "Pride is an important event for many people and usually brings hope and a sense of community and belonging." He said.