Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Review

Listen. I will be great for this. This review is two things: I'm glad we have something for America and we've seen fashion consciousness and style.

But in the name of journalistic immunity, I try to talk a little about what this is, how it works and why you should sell Animal Crossing to your soul too.

You enter the world as a new camp coordinator. You get a brief overview of the controls, which causes how things work and what you do before you've won to look around and make new friends.

Drivers are easy to touch and drag the user interface to move, fairly constant. It is after all Animal Crossing. If it's different from other games in the series, it's almost anything else. It sums up the important parts into a friendly phone-friendly package.

The first and most important new feature is furniture production. Resource management is a major part of the game because you need resources to produce furniture, tents and amenities. The vessel can take 60 seconds to 48 hours for the complete product. Possibly more! Who knows, maybe not yet. But of course, if you said that the furniture / the tent / what your heart hopes and forms in reality, you can continue and place it in your caravan or at your campsite.

The traveler is a sensible factor in traveling around the campsite. You have the most important campsite that you can decorate and invite to animals and everything else. These are a way to collect traditional fish, fruit and insects from a series and animal farms to set up a camp.

Animal friendships are separated into levels categorized by filling in requests. It includes the introduction of animals into the above fruits, fish and insects. Then they will give you your craft tools and watches (currency) in exchange. When you place them at a certain point, you can invite them to relax at your campsite. But only if you meet their very rich and honest kind of arrogant requirements, which usually means very special furniture to admire them. The animals also rotate every three hours so you always have a new person who speaks and gets friends.

Of course, animals are not the only way you can make friends. Although it's not as interactive as hanging out with friends in real time, you can still add friends, visit campers and campsites, view them on the map in the world, and buy them from those who can not control you. Or what else can they offer? Although it's quite a barbed wire at the moment, there is very little interaction.

There is also a marketplace where you can buy clothes, shoes and furniture that would otherwise not be accessible. At least this time, even though the clothing industry system is still under construction.

And I think this is the biggest problem at the moment that much of this game is still under construction. The official worldwide release is at the end of November and hopefully it comes with all sorts of pleasures and updates to keep the game fresh and interesting. At the moment, I'm still in the game, and invested in, if only because of that, I have to get the perfect campsite and become friends with all imaginable cats that this game is offered, but I find myself in the same species personality and at all times again. I can predict the dialogue. I know that it is the same search requests. Discussion options begin to play again.

The game promises events and hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future to customize, go on more areas and more animal experiments. Because it's in place, I might give myself this one week or so, and then count and wait until the whole release ends to see if there are upgrades. Even if you are such a person who wants to run and want to take a few minutes a day, this can be really perfect.

Still, I'm definitely happy to attack Nintendo's mobile games in the world. They are quite light micro transactions, using "leaf flags" as a real currency. This is just a way to speed up craft making or collecting material and get a lot of it by normal gaming.

And so, now I myself pulled back to this dang world. One day, Animal Crossing gives a soft, hairy grip on my soul. But today is not the day.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now iOS and Android.