"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" does not make Nintendo a lot of money

As it turned out, the temptation to talk to animals with your furniture camp is not exactly a recipe for buckets of microtranslational sales. Animal Crossing: the pocket camp has collected more than 15 million downloads since its launch in nine days, but according to a new analysis of the sensor tower it has only made $ 10 million of its ACPC bells players.

To put it in context, that's much less than what we saw in the Heroes of Fire logo in the same period with $ 34 million, and Super Mario also ran $ 24 million, a Nintendo game that was recognized did not work to the payment forecasts paid.

It is also worth noting that Japan is overrepresented here, responsible for 85% of the Animal Crossing income, with players spending more than $ 4 on the game on average. The nearest country is Canada with 25 cents per player, and in the United States players spend just 12 cents on average.

I hate to say that I told you, but I expected it to happen after I spent some time with the game. The problem? It is not just a game that makes buying real money terribly urgent. This can lead to a less cynical experience than other mobile addresses, but it also means less revenue. You can pay tickets for various activities at the crossing with animals, from access to agricultural areas outside the border to save the waiting time, but in the back world of the pocket camp it does not look very salty. I've previously compared with Clan Clan, where you might want to rush to get your strongest defense or your biggest army, but here it's hard to see that many people spend cash to get a red bank ready so quickly your dog will stop at your camp and say hello.

The zakkamp also seems not to be so good at some crossover animal fans, who think it looks shorter, smaller, grocery (thanks to Leaf tickets) a copy of something like new paper, they thought they would rather play the full Ace title. Although the game is charming enough, the core of the feedback is questions about animals that only serve to build furniture for the same animals to visit your camp, as a well that runs dry very quickly.

Tower sensor warns that it is still in the start time of the pocket camp, so it is difficult to see if it has succeeded or failed so far. But this does not look like a game that will allow more players to invest in the course of time, blocking some major new additions, so I doubt that many Nintendo can do this to increase revenue in a meaningful way. The motto of the fire was always lucrative GCHA mechanics, and Mario ran a large core game worth the asking price of $ 10. But I do not believe I cross the animal: the pocket camp has a way to convince players that yes, paper tickets worth buying. They just do not seem necessary, and the ultimate "goals" of the game is nothing that you need to race.

It will be interesting to see if Nintendo is doing something for the Pocket Camp tweak in an effort to generate more revenue, or like Mario Run, and it will simply perform less than their expectations and move on to the next project. It's not like it makes a difference, but Nintendo seems to have problems to balance basic toys by generating lucrative income. Not everything must be pillaged and looted, but the animal cross seems the other extreme party where there is hardly any catalyst for the players (other than the Japanese) to spend money on the title.

This is a story to look at, but so far mixed results for Tom Knock and the company here.