Animal Crossing: New Horizons will see the return of Toy Day this year

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may see the return of the most popular holiday events this year, such as Toy Day. But when will Doraemon come in 2020?

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" fans’ holiday is just around the corner, and players ask what events might be added to the game in the coming months. In past games such as "New Leaf", players began to prepare for the Winter Solstice and Toy Day in early December. Although it's too early in the colder months in the northern hemisphere, it can definitely add to "Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Holiday Celebrations", but there are some signs that past favorites may be reappearing.

In past games, "Toy Day" started on the first day of December, when players could go to each villager to ask about Santa Claus in the past. In addition to collecting this season's Animal Crossing Bugs, it also allows players to prepare a list of gifts needed for the month to bring holiday happiness to their townspeople. Santa costumes were also required in past games, and players can buy them in stores throughout the month. At the beginning of the event, the player will dress up as Santa Claus, talk to the reindeer jingle to receive gifts from the villagers, and then distribute gifts according to who asked. After sending the gift, the player will get a gift from Dingdang to reward them for doing a good job. The gift may be free Animal Crossing Bells or other decorations.

In the trailer for the fall update of New Horizons, Nintendo announced that Jingle will return at the end of November. Like "New Horizons Halloween Event", players have half a month to prepare for the big day by collecting candies from Nook’s Crany and friends’ islands, and families can look forward to the first one of "New Horizons" "Toy Day" preparations start from the first day of the month of December 1st. In "New Leaf", the actual "Toy Day" event itself starts at 6 pm on December 24, and players talk to Jingle to start giving gifts.

Because of what has been learned from games such as "New Leaf" and what players have seen from seasonal events in "New Horizons", many old techniques may reappear in this year's "Toy Day", but there are Other new content may be added, such as pumpkin craftsmen who enjoy it until October. Whether it's new winter crops to be planted, or finding seasonal items or DIY recipes to decorate the island, Animal Crossing has brought new changes to previous festivals this year.

Thanks to the "New Horizons" and other "Animal Crossing" games before the festival, players will have a better understanding of the future in December this year. With the reappearance of "Toy Day", "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" eagerly awaits more updates and teases from players to welcome this holiday season. At that time, the reindeer jingle will return and bring a bag full of goodies to each small town to visit the residents of the town.