"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" will release future updates in late January 2021

The winter update trailer of Animal Crossing: New Horizons released in November last year left Easter eggs for fans. It foretells future updates that will be released in late January 2021. The trailer contained an image of Pavé, which came from a character in a previous Animal Crossing game, leading fans to conclude that he will arrive at "New Horizons" in the January update to host a "festival" event.

There is only one week left until the end of January, so updates may appear on any day. As the update approaches, data miners have been busy looking for possible clues. With their help, Mayor Mori on YouTube has edited some major content updates in the game.

According to documents released by data miners, fans have seen these two possible changes in previous games. In addition, in order to improve the player’s experience, several aspects of the quality of life have also been changed. When you show off some ceiling furniture, villagers may end up visiting your house in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons".

An interesting feature of previous animal crossing games is that it allows villagers to visit the player's house. Of course, when "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" came out, fans were disappointed. The only two locations where players can interact with villagers are outside their houses or islands.

The January update has also been changed so that "New Horizons" players can also let villagers visit. Data miners can find some unused conversations in the file that point to this major update.

The second change is what franchise fans have seen in previous games. According to data miners, some game files point to items that players can use to decorate the ceiling. This option is currently not available for New Horizons players, but they will be able to experience it soon.

Every major animal crossing: New Horizons update is accompanied by various changes in the quality of life. These are easy to predict because they are usually based on community feedback. Since the last update, players have been asking to be able to purchase multiple pieces of clothing from the store, which may be one of the upcoming changes.

For the upcoming update, players must be excited, just as excited as they can buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells. Inviting villagers back home, or watching them walk in casually, will make the game more interesting.