"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was a huge success on Switch

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was a huge success on Switch. Since the sale in March, 22.4 million copies have been sold. Among them, Animal Crossing Bells is welcomed by players. The overall appeal of the game is no coincidence. At the Japan Computer Entertainment Developers Conference, 4Gamer reviewed and translated the video game chronicle. Game director AAy Kyogoku is interested in the success of the series. So far, who has New Horizons attracted.

Kyodo News reported that games such as "Animal Crossing" "cannot survive without changes." "Animal Crossing" maintains similar gameplay in different versions of the game, but fans have long been aware of many changes. Kyogoku said: "The game is fun, so you will definitely get tired of making the same thing." "If the series will continue to use IP, and many people like it for a long time, we still have to keep track and keep up with the times. "

According to him, the main change of "New Vision" is that players can achieve goals and achievements in the game, while the "Nook Miles" system can provide clear goals.

Jiushi, the main producer of the series, also participated in the exhibition. According to him, the base of New Horizons players is not significantly different between men and women, and many are between 20 and 30 years old. He said: "If you ask them what kind of game "Animal Crossing" is, what would the audience think?" In my opinion, these images may be "games where you can live leisurely with cute animals" and "young Girls games...". However, it is clear that the male to female ratio is only half. Most users are in their 20s to 30s, "

Those who like to hype in the game will not be surprised. Even Danny Trejo likes it. Nogami said that most young players did not get the game because it has not been offered during the holidays, when children are more likely to receive the game as a gift.

There is another story about the art of New Horizons. Art director Kouji Takahashi talked about the art of the game. The fish and items purchased are realistic, so players can carefully check and appreciate them. Some other elements (such as trees and bushes) are rendered in a more cartoonish way, because too realistic will make the image on the screen busy, in this case, "the player will become passive".

Takahashi talked about the importance of "false gaps" in awakening players' imagination. He said: "If the artist can symbolize memories and pictures, then all interpretations will apply to the'imaginary blank' and have infinite value."

If you are looking for new bugs and fish across New Horizons in September, here is what to look for.