Animal Crossing New Horizons updated a new theme on September 30

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players say goodbye to their community pool and cliffside dive sites. This is because on September 30 Nintendo has updated its "New Horizons" with autumn and Halloween as the theme, and provided many new seasonal events and Animal Crossing Bells.

The new content attracted new players and was fed up with diving pearls and oysters. Therefore, they began to clean up the space on the island and immediately create seasonally suitable areas to immediately use the new features of the game. For many players, this means converting summer entertainment venues into pumpkin fields. Although this is an autumn theme decoration, the pumpkin is still there! Now, in the game world, players have exhausted all their energy: creating pumpkin signs and existing items in a creative way.

For some people, this means major island overhauls. But for others, it found a quiet little place, hidden among some trees.

One of my favorite innovations is how players cleverly use random items (such as hats on a hat rack) to mimic the appearance of pumpkins. This is an ingenious way to design a farm-players have been using this technique for some time even before the pumpkin was announced for New Horizons.

Halloween lovers are ready to play New Horizons. Since the game was released earlier this year, players have taken the same approach (such as a pumpkin on a hat on a hat rack) to create a horror setting for New Horizons. Horror lovers don't need any reason to sprinkle blood on their island-for them, "New Horizons" has always been a horror game. YouTube creator Evil Imp used items provided by Nintendo and even produced shocking horror movie trailers.