Animal Crossing: New Horizons unlocks DIY recipe program

During this short period of the year, you can collect do-it-yourself recipes during the holidays to provide some holiday magic to your island. However, before making these items, you will need some red, blue and gold accessories.

If your island is located in the northern hemisphere, then the festive season is also a good time to build a Snowboy or create a snowflake DIY recipe. Unlike the snowflake season and the appearance of "Snow Boys under New Horizons", no matter which hemisphere your island is located in, the holiday season is at the same moment. From December 15th to January 6th is New Horizons Festival.

Throughout the holiday period, you can collect many holiday DIY recipes, and then you can use decorations to create them. In "New Horizons", you can collect three different accessories-red accessories, blue accessories and gold accessories. These decorations were discovered by vibrating cedar decorated with lights. Maybe not every cedar contains light, so be sure to choose the correct cedar before vibrating.

Just like acorns and pine cones, there is no guarantee that you will get decoration the first time you shake it, but if you continue to shake the tree, you will eventually get decoration. Just remember to check the wasps first, otherwise you may get annoyed.

It is also important to note that gold jewelry seems to be rarer than blue and red, so it may take longer to locate them. If you add other decorations in New Horizons, they can be provided at Crany in Nook. Each decoration, regardless of color, has an average value of 50 bells, so it is possible to generate a small amount of Animal Crossing Bells profit. You have accumulated 12 happy DIY recipes in "New Horizons", each of which may bring a festive flavor to your own island. Isabelle will provide you with decorative wreath recipes in the first morning presentation of the entire holiday season, which will help you start holiday DIY recipes in "New Horizons".

Every resident who has unlocked the DIY recipe program can use this recipe, so if you don’t receive a notification and discuss the island with other players, please check your DIY recipe collection, because you may already have it! However, after giving away, you need to collect the remaining holiday DIY recipes by yourself.

To do this, you need to pop a balloon to float on the island and then open the gift. Each car contains holiday DIY recipes. Fortunately, these specific DIY recipes can be found in gifts, which can be any balloon color, so you don't need to wait for a specific color to arrive. Instead, you might like every balloon that pops up. This may take some time, but in the long run, you can complete the collection of holiday DIY recipes.