Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can attract villagers to live on their islands

Animal Crossing: There are many types of villagers in New Horizons, players can attract them to live on their islands, one species is more than other species.

Animal Crossing: One of the many joys that New Horizons has: being able to go out and find villagers to invite them to live on the island. These villagers may have multiple species, from bears and deer to ducks and frogs. With so many choices, there is no shortage of personality and design. But, so far, one animal crossing villager is leading the way in how many different neighbors they find.

Although bears and ducks almost challenged them, cats stood up and the number was the most. With a balanced design and interesting personality, even if there are many people, cat villagers are unlikely to appear on the list of all unpopular animal crossing villagers. Cat breed is also proud to have Raymond, his favorite villager now. The smug fashionable cat is considered by many to be the most sought after villager on the island.

According to Fandom Animal Crossing Wiki, New Horizons has 23 cats, and this is only one of the 30 cats in the entire series. In addition to having favorites such as Raymond and Ankha, four special cat characters can be found in various games. Currently, the only special cat character player that can be found in New Horizons is Rover, the organizer of the "Mayday" event. Although "event characters" cannot be villagers on the player island, it is still interesting to see them show up all year round.

Although cats occupy so many villagers and occupy the position of the most popular "New Horizons" character, which seems strange, it may be related to life outside the game. Cats are very popular companions, especially in Japan. Because cats are loved by so many, they constitute a large number of possible villagers, players can invite them into the animals to cross their homes, and the demand is high, which makes sense. Cats are widely welcomed, and their cute faces and pointed ears add wonderful colors to the island aesthetics of some players.

When choosing cat villagers to add to the island’s houses, players have many interesting choices. Whether it's the most popular event or the characters in the event, these furry companions with interesting personalities add quirky charm to the homes of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" players. Players can choose from many favorite things. They can choose a popular or not-so-popular cat companion to join their daily hunting activities, looking for bottles, shells and Animal Crossing Bells on the island to make daily Interaction becomes a kind of enjoyment.