Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched a photo contest for players

Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not have a jump button, but this does not stop people from joining the #acFloatChallenge tag. Instagram user cybearizons launched a photo contest at the end of 2020 and asked other players to create better images for the villagers.

To remove the fan, the fan must be able to jump off objects such as chairs or beds. You can also use patterned beach towels to make items invisible, thereby maximizing efficiency. From there, players must use the camera app to take quick pictures. Some people even record videos and choose the most suitable frame to watch. Generally, players are encouraged to close their eyes and shoot to create a calm atmosphere. If done correctly, his character will appear to float, which can lead to some beautiful pictures. However, it is more complicated than it sounds.

Twitter user Lili said: "To achieve good results, I have to restart a few times." said Lili, a French animal crossing athlete, who provided the highest profile in this article. "Later my storage space was full," she added.

People use items such as balloons, umbrellas, star fragments and other furniture to create otherworldly figures that seem to have special powers. Just like you bought it with Animal Crossing Bells.

The most popular challenge lasts for months, with new posts appearing on Twitter and Instagram every day. It is amazing to see people recreating movie scenes, including everything from "Star Wars" to "Mary Poppins."