"Animal Crossing New Horizons" celebrates the first anniversary of the game on March 20

March 20th celebrated the first anniversary of "Animal Crossing New Horizons". Nintendo Switch’s crown jewel has sold 30 million copies, and the number continues to grow. Nintendo has announced another update to the game, version 1.9.0, fans can look forward to a lot of new content. The new update introduces 6 new villages and new items in the collaboration that players like.

Most fans don't want to hear the news, but the "Bunny Festival" may be back again. The event took place from April 1st to 13th last year, which is really ridiculous. Due to the poor design of the developer's activity, the activity is almost destructive for games such as "Animal Crossing".

However, even if the incident caused a great response last year, by 2021, the situation may get better. If it does come, players can expect a low-key event that will not affect other activities of the game.

Players may also see the return of April Fool's Day activities. The possibility of this event is very small, because the "Bunny Day" usually starts on the first day of April. There is no celebration in 2020, but the developer may reconsider and re-host the event. If so, we can also see Bianca of New Leaf return.

The previous major update has added a lot of new reactions to players. With the Sanrio update, players can expect many new Sanrio themed reactions, including cute poses and dances. Players can try new clothes and new poses in new clothes, which will be provided as part of the update.

The update was released two days before the first anniversary of the game, so players expect the developers to release major game updates. But since there is no title update, it seems that there will be no major events to celebrate the anniversary. Although, players may receive gifts in their mailboxes like Animal Crossing Bells, rather than events with anniversary items. When the developers released the patch notes for update 1.9.0 a few days before the release of the update version, they were very happy to see the content stored in the update.