Animal Crossing: New Horizons" can use simulation games to set up your own town

In "Animal Crossing: New Horizons," there is nothing more disturbing to gaze at the void of an open island. You can use live simulation games to set up your own resort town at will, but having so much freedom may conflict with players.

Your problem is enough to cause a stroke. But suppose you create an idea in your mind that transcends the initial obstacle. Maybe you start to erect some cliffs and dig some waterways, oh! When you use cumbersome beautification tools, it is obvious that the time and Animal Crossing Bells for this idea will be longer than you think.

Beautifying the environment can be a frustrating process, especially if you make the mistake of comparing humble creations with the incredible animal crossing achievements that are widely spread on social media. Even if you avoid FOMO, you still need to collect all the raw materials and order the right furniture to make your vision a reality.

This is why people turn to "speed-building" videos on YouTube, where diligent animal crossing designers showcase elaborate structures in fast-paced videos. This video is fast because it is set to twice the speed according to the length of the material, sometimes even twice. Such videos are sometimes commented with voice, which disrupted the larger design process and gained hundreds of thousands of views on the platform. Usually, comments are everywhere people mourning for their own terrain problems, whether it's trying to make any contribution while suffering from Joy-Con drift, or having to face the terrible reality of an unorganized island.

A commentator wrote in a video of a five-star island: "My little island is scattered around houses." The video has been viewed 1.1 million times. Interestingly, the upload involved is not an elaborate work that the creator has executed effortlessly. Usually, you can observe the backtracking of the island representatives, open the menu and forget what they are doing, and sometimes even give up whatever they are doing. Try out ideas, then redo them over and over again.

YouTuber froggycrossing recently uploaded a terrain modification project through a cat villager and told Polygon via email: “I absolutely allow myself to make mistakes and change my mind.” She continued: “I think viewers can appreciate the mistakes in speed construction.” "This shows that you are not a'perfect' player who can deform perfectly every time." It is possible to downsize a few hours of footage into just a few minutes, so you can watch it without time-consuming and laborious errors or trivia. To the audience’s comfort, their stumbles and anxiety are completely normal, and the creators can evaluate their own tendencies.

Twitch host Sofie Way said: “For content creators, this is a great way to get to know yourself and understand any repetitions or flaws in the process. He likes to package multiple broadcasts of a specific Animal Crossing project. Into the compressed YouTube speed construction.

In addition to finding design inspiration, part of the appeal is that it is surprising to see the combination of things from scratch. A YouTuber's life compared the appeal of speed construction to the appeal of watching home improvement on TV in an email. Lifeofness said: "It is very pleasant and satisfying to see before and after customization, including the customization process," "Whether it is doing home decoration on HGTV channel or speeding up on ACNH Youtube, it is very interesting to watch To how to make and decorate things."

Some people may even find that the speed increase in watching Animal Crossing will be calm, because these videos are usually uploaded with cold music or low-fidelity tones. The good news is that in 2020, when the brilliance of the coronavirus pandemic is dazzling, it will be painful. For people who live indoors and are isolated from society, sluggish daily work can make time feel like a breakdown. The unbearable slowness of a day can only be replaced by the shock of realizing how many months have passed. In this case, sometimes it may not be possible to plan ahead, let alone be "productive." If this is true in real life, it is twofold in video games.

There is no doubt: Terraforming is feasible. In theory, you can take the time to do this work. Many people do this. Or you can chase the same serotonin molecule and watch someone do it for you. froggycrossing said: "Frankly, the terrain transitions are very slow, so watching bite-sized videos is more interesting."