"Animal Crossing" is the ideal game to play during the British blockade

Three days before the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the country would be blocked, I broke ground on My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island. Menu navigation is very slow, I am not sure what to do. Extracting the largest amount of material from the stones on each of my islands involves a more complicated process, which involves digging two holes and then repeatedly hitting them over the course of a few seconds. It feels deliberately inefficient.

"Animal Crossing" is an ideal game to be played in a short period of time, because the show has excellent means of passing moments and various Animal Crossing Items. In most games, time revolves around the participants. After the game starts and stops, it will start maneuvering. In fact, everything will be done on your own terms. However, "Animal Crossing" happens in real time, so if it is late at night on March 23 in the real world, it will be late at night in the game on March 23. (The game’s built-in clock game can be changed to "time travel", but for me personally, this ruins the fun.)

It is not simple to play this process every day indefinitely. When you try to mine, the rocks on the island will eventually stop spitting out material, and you escape from the fruit picked from the tree. You can continue to do things like finding fish and bugs, but inevitably, you will encounter work that must be completed tomorrow. Usually, I find the technician a bit frustrated, but in the locked state, time seems to stagnate for a few weeks, which is exactly what I need. I can't waste time in a few hours. Instead, I must remember the day of the week.

I must work on the stairs. I trimmed the weeds to let more villagers in, and started collecting small animals to fill the memorial hall on my island. I provided fruit, made money, and then spent money to build bridges and ramps to make the island’s terrain easier to navigate. This has become a small hobby and needs to be checked once a day. Over time, this small job was gradually established.

In the past 12 weeks, I consider myself very lucky. This season, I will try my best to help you and stay at home as much as possible. Animal crossing makes this more bearable.

In the first or second month of the embargo, what is most needed is the multiplayer elements of Animal Crossing. It feels like the whole world is playing matches, Twitter and Reddit are full of screenshots of people’s islands and cooperation requests. At work, we set up a dedicated Slack station to share the purchase price of carrots on the island. Normally, you can buy and sell carrots on your own island to make a little profit, but if you cooperate with other players, you can make millions of dollars, and when another player’s island provides special supplies for any given carrot At time, you can collect the sky on the island of other participants.

After several weeks, the Internet's curiosity about the game has diminished, and a steady stream of new features and in-game events gave me reason to continue visiting Honkland. Nintendo has other hedges and diving, as well as new characters such as Redd. Redd is a hamster, and sometimes brings "artwork" to your own usable island. Celebrations like Halloween have in-game events that rely on playing the sport on a perfect day to watch its content. Between large-scale events and new properties, new bugs and fish are seen every month, a trickle that collectors discovered before the migration.