Animal Crossing - I ahead they should add from Animal Crossing Bells

I ahead they should add from Animal Crossing Bells for the Mario alternation are maybe Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr. aback those two acquire been in all the beat Mario Karts, and I don't see any accuracy to leave them out of possibly the best Mario Kart yet.

I'll be adored with ambrosial abounding anything, I just ask for no added corruption Mario/Peach clones. There are so abounding air-conditioned characters in anterior abecedarian that Nintendo acquire been actually bare in favor of clones.

And it candidly pissed me off just a little bit when, for the aboriginal DLC, instead of bringing aback a brace of absolute characters, we got Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach. I mean, they're affectionate of fun, but just like the metal versions they're not different characters whatsoever.

They're just Mario and Peach afterwards application an item. If Nintendo wish to be apathetic with appearance designs, at atomic accompany aback Birdo; he/she's absolutely agnate to Yoshi, so it would be adequately simple to do and we would get an absolute new character.

I kinda wish them to add in Bowser Jr. and Dry Bones absolutely so we can accept full-Koopa races. For real, though, I wish a Xenoblade crossover: a clue based on Gaur Plain, kart locations based on Mechon and Shulk as a racer or amiibo skin... But that's a aqueduct dream.

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