Animal Crossing: How to unlock the handheld lantern

Temporarily, players can procure the occasional handheld lamp thing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The new thing has six remarkable plans.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ceaselessly adds occasional things for players to open or buy, similar to the Handheld Lantern. This new thing has six unmistakable plans accessible and can be changed at an ACNH DIY workbench with a customization pack. The Handheld Lantern is just accessible temporarily, so players ought to make certain to get somewhere around one lamp before they're as of now not accessible.

The lamp is being delivered as an occasional thing in festival of Saint Martin's Day, a celebration including a banquet to praise the Funeral Day of Saint Martin of Tours. One of the varieties of the Handheld Lantern has geese on this is on the grounds that this is the favored food at the festival feast for this occasion. The Saint Martin's Day festivity happens on November eleventh every year, along these lines, as a team with the occasion, this restricted time thing is accessible from November first to November eleventh.

Players can find one light plan each day in the ACNH Nook Shopping area at the Nook Stop. The little green and white terminal is situated inside the Town Hall to one side. The Handheld Lanterns are medium-sized things that can be conveyed by the player and enlighten a little region. They can be modified, but on the other hand they're accessible to purchase in six unique plans.

In the wake of buying a Handheld Lantern, players should stand by one day to get it. The lamps cost 1,100 chimes each, no one but five can be bought each day, and they are time-locked occasional things. Despite the fact that they're just accessible temporarily, players that need to load up on them can utilize a time travel stunt to swindle the game. Essentially buy lamps, avoid ahead to the following day so they're conveyed, then, at that point, return to Animal Crossing Bells the earlier day and buy more. This should be possible on different occasions, yet players will just get the one accessible plan for that day. The six varieties of the Handheld Lantern would all be able to be opened and utilized by either purchasing every emphasis or getting one and transforming it with a customization unit.

Star Design – dark foundation with yellow stars

Moon Design – dark foundation with yellow bow moons

Stained Glass Design – multi-hued shapes with dark boundaries

Sun Design – white foundation with orange and yellow suns

Goose Design – white foundation with a few geese around it

Leaf Design – white foundation with green and orange leaves