Animal Crossing Bells -What blazon of noodles they like Animal Crossing Bells

All the added amateur are added so translations of the Japanese version, which is why you tend to get so abounding dialogs about what they apprehend in a annual or what blazon of noodles they like Animal Crossing Bells. I just wish to be able to actuate WHERE a aborigine moves their house.

The amount of times anyone has plopped down in the average of a path, killing my flowers and ruining my breeze is insane. Aswell let me "Lock" in my admired villagers.

I'm ok with some advancing and traveling so it's not stale, but if I've formed harder and lucked out to assuredly get a assertive villager, accomplish it so I can accumulate them and not accept them leave if I haven't played in a week.

It could be something simple, too, like accepting able to body signposts as projects that agreement the next new aborigine will body their abode on said signpost. As for “locking in” villagers, I aswell accede that you should accept that advantage if you’ve managed to accretion said villager’s photo.

Getting the photo takes cogent abundant accomplishment for that to be a acceptable threshold. The “locking in” still needs to be optional, though, so the aborigine shouldn’t be “locked in” unless you acquaint Isabelle to accumulate them. While we’re on the affair of villagers, can the old means of accepting on a villager’s bad ancillary be reinstated?

There are affluence of villagers I wish to move out (bridge-blocking, etc), but there’s no acceptable way to do so. It acclimated to be that hitting a aborigine with a net or commitment them debris would get them to leave boondocks sooner to buy Animal Crossing Bells, but that’s no best the case.