Animal Crossing Bells - track for Animal Crossing Bell

For something I anticipate could happen... I absolutely wish them to add Bowser Jr. back we accept every added Koopaling already. I don't absolutely wish addition F-Zero track for Animal Crossing Bell.

I'd just adopt added crossovers- Pokémon, Kirby, Kid Icarus: Uprising, maybe one added Zelda track, obvs Xenoblade (although that'll never happen)- or added aboriginal concepts.

Based on World 8 of Super Mario 3D World and is in three sections. The aboriginal two are set in the affair esplanade area, with the third accepting the racers arise the Great Tower from the final bang-up Battle, maybe complete with Meowser hazards?

The music would acceptable be a awning of World 8 (Bowser) with the final lap accepting some access from Great Tower Showdown 1/2.

Standard FZero stuff. I adulation the abstraction of Fire Field as able-bodied though, could be able-bodied ill-fitted to getting the final FZero track.

Realised that there hasnt been a able turbo bank date yet (Dolphin Shoals carries the affair but isnt based on a beach). Went with

the affair of Plessy to differentiate it from added bank stages to buy Animal Crossing Bells.

How to buy Animal Crossing Bells,you can find it on!