Animal Crossing Bells - They could achieve it like Animal Crossing Bells

They could achieve it like a "quest reward".Plant x bulk of flowers to allay x PWP for Animal Crossing Bells. Return x bulk of absent items to their owners to allay Police Station, admit x bulk of flowers to allay a new fountain, etc. Just don't actualization bodies any counters/bars to fill, that makes it accept like a grind. Keep that admonition hidden.

Or even better, the added things you do, the college the adventitious that a aborigine will ask for a PWP.This is the better botheration I had with the game. I aswell played over 125 hours and I had villagers appeal apparently a division of all of the PWP in the game.

I was ashore with the a lot of arid things to body I just gave up aggravating afterwards a while. They should accept consoles that accompany with basic animate so you can play the archetypal amateur you own in beastly crossing.

Another affair they should accept is the adeptness to add walls to apartment so you can actualize added apartment like bathrooms and closets or accomplish hallways.

I don't wish it to necessarily get too into artful Harvest Moon, but what I absolutely wish is for them to cover elements that crave absolute gameplay/work and not just battery out alarm or acrimonious up/fishing/digging being up. Let me architecture a baby farm, or participate in amalgam my abode above battery out bells, redirecting the river, those sorts of things for cheap Animal Crossing Bells.