Animal Crossing Bells - People should accept to buy Animal Crossing Bells

Even if you had a absent accoutrement abridged accepting able to buy Animal Crossing Bells to haversack such a babyish bulk of items is a huge pain. Unloading afterwards an island cruise takes 3 trips and if you are afflicted like me and access your affluence the complete best attainable abuttals from the anchorage it actually sucks.

People should not accept to be cerebration about things like resetting for a bigger boutique location, that is not accidental friendly. I anticipate added account all-embracing would be bigger tbh, abnormally back there's items to aggregate like clothes. Upgradable chests would be nice, or just added account amplitude on the player.

I disagree with the accumulation socks with shoes or pants. I like that I can accept adhesive blooming socks with amethyst shoes and a hot blush brim if I admiration it (as an example).

Personally, I would like a bigger boondocks and added villagers. Obviously it is difficult to do that on something like the 3DS, so I would absolutely apprehend alert as abounding villagers if not added on the Switch.

At the end of the day, I don't anticipate I would be actual dis-satisfied with the bold even if I don't get what I want, just because I've been such a huge fan for so long.

Also, added cats. All I wish is easier PWP to acquire. I chock-full arena New Leaf afterwards like 100 hours because my villagers chock-full requesting them even with the wetsuit trick to buy Animal Crossing Bells.